Reality Creator Primer (eBook)
By Tom DeLiso (aka Hermes)

epub and mobi file format: over 12000 words, approx 51 pages.

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Reality Creator Primer: A Simple Guide to Creating your World!

Synopsis: Introduces you to the idea that you create your world; gives you techniques to alter and change your world; gives you basic understanding into the physical and the nonphysical sides of reality creating; shows you where you can uncover hidden areas of your reality creating that cause you distress or unpleasantness; gives you a technique to perform self healing and bring into your being some self love; introduces you to meditation that can help you create peace and wellness; gives you the means to connect with your own personal guardian that can help and assist you.

Chapter List: The two sides of Reality Creating, The Creation Technique, The Garbage Can Technique, Creative Visualization, Avoiding the Veto, Silence, The Floating Gloomy, The Quick Charge, Positive Thinking & Speaking, Energy Exercise, Fighting Depression, What is a nonphysical reality, The Little Angel, Meditation, Dreams, Self Healing, Time Bending, The Guardians